Collaborations Between Great Genealogist of Our Time

Genea Web is a collaboration between great genealogist around the world. We dedicate our lives to pursue the less traveled path and discover the secrets of the past. Being a genealogist, we dive into history, hours of studies, and discovering approaches to better understand mankind. This career doesn’t offer a flashy compensation, yet it offers wisdom and dynamic experiences in Amsterdam cultural sights and city trip. We met great relationships along the way. It took us to different quests that challenged our thinking and how we view the world as a whole. Human is a complex study that will require more than data and science. The fibers of our being are too diverse, it can evolve beautifully or tragically.

What We Can Do For You?

  • DNA Research

Genea Web found out that DNA could unveil secrets of the past. It’s our DNA that connects us with our ancestors which makes it possible for us to do an intensive study. Our DNA research includes a DNA kit. If you avail the service elsewhere, you will spend thousands of dollars, but with us, it comes with online offers & coupons. We did everything we can to make the service affordable and convenient so more people can avail the service.

  • Detailed Reports and Research

The service is for curious minds. After DNA research is conducted, we can also pull off intensive research for a more detailed report. Feel free to shop online using special discounts to completely avail all the services. At the end of our intensive work, you can access relevant information about your lineage. With this knowledge, you can totally live a different life by learning the secrets of the past and the pearls of wisdom that come with it.