Breaking Genetic Curse

Notable historians will tell you that your gene is a big factor in your future and well-being. Millennials will often find this amusing because they believe that life is what we make it. The decisions we make every day are the ones that contribute to the big outcomes of our lives. How true is the genetic curse? If it is true, how can we break it?


Possible Addictions

Our genes affect the possibilities of our addiction and the diseases that come with it. According to research, there is a huge resemblance to how our ancestors spent their productive times on how we spend ours. There are certain genetic types that are susceptible to alcohol addiction than others. Just observe the food you order whenever you eat at dinner cruise Amsterdam in one of your sightseeing tours, your genes play a major role in how you make simple decisions including what kind of addiction you will put yourself into. The best way to break this curse is by awareness. Know the things you shouldn’t try at all.


Behavioural Tendencies

The chemicals in our brains are affected by our DNA by 40%. This is a huge percentage if we are going to consider the other underlying factors that affect the release of chemicals in our brains. These factors are culture, upbringing, and other external factors. Our brain is a powerful machine, but it is not impossible to study its patterns. Your gene may tell something about your phobia at Amsterdam zoo and other things that may trigger your unpleasant behavior. Studying your genealogy may help the psychiatrist to understand your condition. It’s good to know your behavioral tendencies and work on them before they escalate into a major issue that may lead to an unfulfilling life.


Diseases and Health Issues

Diseases can also be prevented by identifying the underlying causes. A genealogist may help in identifying what are the common diseases your ancestors had. They can also determine your average life span based on your lifestyle. To pay for these kinds of services is relatively cheaper compared to curing a disease. Some service providers may offer special promo code discounts. Aside from preventative benefits, you’ll also discover the weaknesses of your genes. For example, your genes finding is that you are susceptible to have a bad knee. With this knowledge, you can take extra measures to delay the symptoms.