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Search Surnames

Our surname could give us a brief history. It is not as accurate as of the DNA research; however, it can help you discover some truths about your lineage. You’ll be surprised by the number of people who have the same surname as you. They walk a different life, they live in a different part of the worlds, and they totally think differently than you do. There is a big data that needs processing. In order to get a relevant comparison and data analysis, use our tools that come with voucher codes. The cost is so affordable and cheap compared to the discoveries you may find.


Find Your Loved Ones

We have heard sad stories about abandonment. The stories compelled us to add a premium service that might help people find their loved ones who they lost touch or never met. Our huge records may narrow down the lists you have to go through. For the first year of adding this service, we have already helped a hundred individuals find their loved ones.


Complete Your Family Tree

We believe that having a family tree online is a good way to preserve the history of lineage for years to come and not just to gain unlimited website traffic. Your descendants will surely benefit from this. It also encourages families to keep their ties close which revives the earlier concept of family. Our time will pass and surely our positions on Earth will be replaced by new generations, but we can leave them with valuable information to guide them even when we are gone.